Rule 5.065. Notice of Civil Action or Ancillary Administration

(a) Civil Action. A personal representative and a guardian shall file a notice when a civil action has been instituted by or against the personal representative or the guardian. The notice shall contain:

(1) the names of the parties;
(2) the style of the court and the case number;
(3) the county and state where the proceeding is pending;
(4) the date of commencement of the proceeding; and
(5) a brief statement of the nature of the proceeding.

(b) Ancillary Administration. The domiciliary personal representative shall file a notice when an ancillary administration has commenced, which notice shall contain:

(1) the name and residence address of the ancillary personal representative; and
(2) the information required in subdivisions (a)(2), (3), and (4) above.

(c) Copies Exhibited. A copy of the initial pleading may be attached to the notice. To the extent an attached initial pleading states the required information, the notice need not restate it.