Rule 5.180. Waiver and Consent

(a)     Manner of Execution. A waiver or consent as authorized by law shall be in writing and signed by the person executing the waiver or consent.

(b)     Contents. The waiver or consent shall state:

(1)     the person’s interest in the subject of the waiver or consent;

(2)     if the person is signing in a fiduciary or representative capacity, the nature of the capacity;

(3)     expressly what is being waived or consented to; and

(4)     if the waiver pertains to compensation, language declaring that the waiving party has actual knowledge of the amount and manner of determining the compensation and, in addition, either:

(A)     that the party has agreed to the amount and manner of determining that compensation and waives any objection to payment; or

(B)     that the party has the right to petition the court to determine the compensation and waives that right.

(c)     Filing. The waiver or consent shall be filed.