Rule 5.420. Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration

(a) Application. An interested person may request a disposition of the decedent’s personal property without administration. An application signed by the applicant shall set forth:

(1) The description and value of the exempt property;
(2) The description and value of the other assets of the decedent;
(3) The amount of preferred funeral expenses and reasonable and necessary medical and hospital expenses for the last 60 days of the last illness together with accompanying statements or payment receipts; and
(4) Each requested payment or distribution of personal property.

(b) Exempt Property. If the decedent’s personal property includes exempt property, or property that can be determined to be exempt property, the application must also be signed by all persons entitled to the exempt property or by their representative.

(c) Preparation. On request, the clerk shall assist the applicant in the preparation of the required writing.

(d) Disposition. If the court is satisfied that disposition without administration is appropriate, the court may, without hearing, by letter or other writing authorize the payment, transfer, or disposition of the decedent’s personal property to those persons entitled to it.