Rule 5.555. Guardianships of Minors

(a) Application. This rule shall apply to any guardianship for a minor.

(b) Petition to Determine Incapacity. No petition to determine incapacity need be filed.

(c) Petition for Appointment of Guardian. The petition shall be verified by the petitioner and shall state:

(1) The facts to establish venue;
(2) The petitioner’s residence and post office address;
(3) The name, age, and residence and post office address of the minor;
(4) The names and addresses of the parents of the minor and if none, the next of kin known to the petitioner;
(5) The name and residence and post office address of the proposed guardian, and that the proposed guardian is qualified to serve; or, that a willing and qualified guardian has not been located;
(6) The proposed guardian’s relationship to and any previous association with the minor;
(7) The reasons why the proposed guardian should be appointed; and
(8) The nature and value of the property subject to the guardianship.

(d) Notice. Formal notice of the petition for appointment of guardian shall be served on any parent who is not a petitioner or, if there is no parent, on the persons with whom the minor resides and on such other persons as the court may direct.

(e) Initial and Annual Guardianship Reports.

(1) The initial guardianship report shall consist only of the verified inventory. The annual guardianship report shall consist only of the annual accounting.
(2) The guardian shall file an initial and annual guardianship plan as required by law.
(3) Unless otherwise ordered by the court or required by law, the guardian need not serve a copy of the initial guardianship report and the annual guardianship reports on the ward.

(f) Inspection of Inventory or Accounting. Unless otherwise ordered by the court for good cause shown, any inventory, amended or supplementary inventory, or accounting is subject to inspection only by the clerk, the ward or the ward’s attorney, and the guardian or the guardian’s attorney.