Rule 5.625. Notice of Completion of Guardian Education Requirements

(a) Filing. Unless the guardian education requirement is waived by the court, each guardian, other than a professional guardian, shall file with the court within 4 months after the issuance of letters of guardianship or letters of guardian advocacy a notice of completion of guardian education requirements.

(b) Content. The notice shall state:

(1) That the guardian has completed the required number of hours of course instruction and training covering the legal duties and responsibilities of a guardian, the rights of a ward, the availability of local resources to aid a ward, and the preparation of habilitation plans and annual guardianship reports, including accountings;

(2) The date the course was completed;

(3) The name of the course completed; and

(4) The name of the entity or instructor that taught the course.

(c) Verification. The notice shall be verified by the guardian.