Rule 5.645. Management of Property of Nonresident Ward By Foreign Guardian

(a) Petition. A guardian of the property of a nonresident ward, duly appointed by a court of another state, territory, or country, who desires to manage any part or all of the property of the ward located in this state, may file a verified petition for authority to manage the property. The petition shall state:

(1) the circumstances of the guardian’s appointment;
(2) a description of the property and its estimated value; and
(3) the indebtedness, if any, existing against the ward in this state.

(b) Designation of Resident Agent. The guardian shall designate a resident agent as required by these rules.

(c) Oath. The guardian shall file an oath as required by these rules.

(d) Filing of Authenticated Copies. The guardian shall file authenticated copies of:

(1) letters of guardianship or other authority to act as guardian; and
(2) bond or other security, if any.

(e) Order. The court shall determine if the foreign bond or other security is sufficient to guarantee the faithful management of the ward’s property in this state. The court may require a new guardian’s bond in this state in an amount it deems necessary. The order shall authorize the guardian to manage the property and shall specifically describe the property.