Rule 3.9855. Juror Voir Dire Questionnaire


1. Name and date of birth

2. What city, town or area of the county do you live in?
Zip code

3. Years of residence: In Florida
In this county

4. Former residence

5. Marital status (married, single, divorced, widow, or widower)

6. Your occupation and employer

7. If you are not now employed, give your last occupation and employer

8. If married, name and occupation of spouse

9. Have you ever served as a juror before? yes _____ no ____
If yes, civil ____ criminal ____
Did the jury reach a verdict? yes _____ no _____
Were you the foreperson? yes _____ no _____

10. If you have children, give the age, sex and occupation of those children

11. Are you either a close friend or relative of any law enforcement officer?

12. Have you, a close friend, or family member been the victim of a crime?

13. Have you, a close friend, or family member been arrested or accused of a crime?